Upender / Downender

Upender / Downender

Hydraulic upenders employ one or more double-acting cylinders to rotate the platforms by 90 degrees, they can be sized to handle a wide variety of load configurations. Its flexibility in accommodating equipment for secondary handling functions, such as roll discharge tilt platforms, shifting saddles and load and unload conveyors is the biggest advantage.

HEPL hydraulic upenders utilize high-quality double-acting tilt cylinders. Loads rotate around heavy-duty pivot bearings, complete with lubrication points. Electrical limit switches halt rotation at each end of the pivot cycle. Safety features of HEPL hydraulic upenders include factory-set pressure relief values, maintenance lockout pins. Optional platform sizes can be designed to customize hydraulic coil upenders.

Upenders simplify the dangerous process od tipping metal coils, molds etc. within a 90 degree radious to change vertical/ horizontal orientation. We manufacture mechanical and hydraulic upenders with rated capacities from 1 Ton upto 20 Tons.

Upenders   Upenders
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